Fylde Business Networking Club

Created in Fylde for local Businesses

More than ever we need each other, and business must still go on. 

The Fylde Coast is a thriving area with an abundance of businesses, CRE8 is a new innovative business networking platform designed to be inspiring, creative and enjoyable. Rather than having an alternative objective, or shareholders looking only at generating a profit the club is run by its members for the benefit of the members. There are 100's of businesses registered across the Fylde so why travel so far to look for new suppliers or customers when you can deal with people on your doorstep.

Of course, there are conditions for membership just like other networking clubs, but if you are looking for a more informal atmosphere to meet like-minded people why not come and join us. Our meetings bring together business entrepreneurs from all sectors, sharing experiences, connections and most importantly knowledge.

​Having attended numerous good and bad networking meetings over the years we've designed CRE8 meetings to be informal and friendly, whilst delivering new business, strong relationships and trust.

Meetings are and will be held on Zoom for the foreseeable future but it is out ambition to have one in four meetings face to face in the future.



Features and Benefits ;

Connect with     Members

Increase online Exposure



Get sales






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We are aiming to be more social than other groups but we fully understand the current constraints we are all working within. Here are a few of the events we have to look forward too, when we can 

Local Beer & Wine Tasting Events

Social event designed to be relaxed and learn about how Beers and Ales are blended and how quality is defined by processes and quality ingredients.



Cre8 Open Golf Championship 

We are delighted to be hosting the First Annual CRE8 Golf Championship and challenge other Business Networking Clubs to play us. A great Charity Event.


Inspiring leaders masterclasses

masterclasses from local prominant business people who are happy to share their stories of highs and lows and they rose to be the businesses we know today.