Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few example of questions you may have !

 01  What is CRE8 ?

We are a platform for business people to network with other like minded, local business people in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.




 02  What are the Features and Benefits of Joining ?

CRE8 deliver numerous meetings and social gatherings designed to innovate, inspire, educate and connect its members in a relaxed and friendly environment to ultimately better your skills, business and exposure.




 03  Will I be asked to do a speech ?

Everyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as they like. Nobody is ever put under the spotlight or pushed to do anything they do not wish to do ! 




 04  Can I do a presentation ?


Only members are permitted to give presentations by appointment only.




 05  How many meeting can I attend as a guest ?

The simple answer is 2 in 1 year ! 

 06  Can I bring a Colleague ?

Yes of course as a guest. Please advise us beforehand, so the necessary arrangements can be made. Guest fee's are applicable.




 07  Are ladies allowed ?

We are proud to be gender, race, status and ability neutral. Every business person is welcome. Please contact us if you require any special requirements.




 08   When I join, do I have to make regular referrals ?

It is not something that is measured or required, however the strength of the club is dependent on its growth of members and we hope you will invite like minded business people to benefit also.



 09  Are there any restrictions on business cards and literature ?


No. However experience tells us that good networking is done through communication. That means give your information to those who want it rather than giving to everyone. Trust us its works better this way ! 




 10  Is there a dress code ?

No. We suggest you dress in your normal business work clothes.